GLIDiC Sound Air TW-5000BK (BLACK)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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GLIDiC Sound Air TW-5000BK (BLACK)【Japan Domestic genuine products】 Description

Product features ★ Both sound and body will be free ● Flexible music playback and call style realized freed from troublesome cables in every environment. ◆ Ultra Multi Fitting ● The Ultra Multi Fitting Ultra Multi Fitting, an organic curve that fits into various shapes of ears, makes it an excellent fit and refined design. ● Reduce stress to the ear in long-term use. ◆ Operate exactly at your ear ● Without giving out a smartphone from a bag or the like, it is possible to ‘play music / stop’, ‘send music / return music’, answer / end call of the call, ‘volume adjustment’, ‘Google assistant, activate sound assistant such as Siri’ Full control is possible only with multi function buttons. ◆ Just take it out and turn it on ● Just turning on / off from the dedicated charging case and turning the power ON / OFF and pairing setting mode with the terminal automatically starts. ※ ● (First time only) ● Even those who use wireless earphone for the first time can use it easily. ◆ Compactness to fit in the palm of your hand ● A small battery case that fits in the palm can charge the earphone about twice, even on the go. ● Just putting the earphone in the case can be charged, eliminating the concern of running out of the battery. ◆ Sound for mobile ● While compact, it reproduces clear high tone and rich mid and low range where vocals, which is a feature of GLIDiC’s sound, stand out. ◆ Corresponds to high-quality codec AAC. ● High sound quality is realized by applying the optimum design that makes the most of the limited space of the earphone part. ◆ Call clear sound too ● MEMS (high sensitivity mini microphone) and digital echo canceling, which delivers clear sound with less noise to the other party. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By ‘Newsbridge’ ★ ★ ※

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