JVC Wireless Stereo Headset HA-EB7BT-B (BLACK)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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JVC Wireless Stereo Headset HA-EB7BT-B (BLACK)【Japan Domestic genuine products】 Description

Product features ★ Achieve a compact and lightweight design of about 12 g and achieve comfortable wireless listening even for long-time wearing ◆ Due to the miniaturization and lightweight design of the housing part, the model featuring Bluetooth achieves mass about 12 g. ● You can enjoy comfortable wireless listening for a long time without concern for the weight of the earphone. ◆ Adopt ‘Fits perfect fit earpiece’ to enable stable wearing only with earpieces ● Adopting our unique ‘perfect fit earpiece’ to devise the shape of the earpiece and enable stable attachment only with the earpiece. ● S / M 2 sizes are included. ◆ Drip proof specification strong against sweat and splash ● With the drip-proof specification (equivalent to IPX 2), you can use it without worrying about sweat or splashes when sports indoors and outdoors. ◆ Adopted ‘open type’ which makes ambient sounds audible ● Adopted ‘open type’ which makes it easy to hear surrounding sounds even when running or going out. ◆ Built-in built-in battery that can play music for about 4.5 hours ● With built-in battery in the remote control unit, wireless music playback of about 4.5 hours continuous is possible. ◆ A high-magnetic neodymium driver unit with a caliber of 10.7 mm is mounted and high sound quality sound is realized ● It realizes a clear high sound quality sound It regenerates well from the low region to the high region with the high magnetic neodymium driver unit of 10.7 mm in diameter. ◆ Equipped with 3 button type remote control corresponding to operations such as hands-free calling and music playing ● It is equipped with a 3 button remote control that enables hands-free calling and remote control of music play / pause / song feed / turn back. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By ‘Newsbridge’ ★ ★ ※

JVC Wireless Stereo Headset HA-EB7BT-B (BLACK)【Japan Domestic genuine products】 buy

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